Known problems

  1. Problem: I'm trying to install Rx Library into Delphi 3, 4 or C++Builder 3 IDE. Everything goes right, after installing I can use components and compile demo projects. The problem starts when I close Delphi and run again. Then I get error message saying that Delphi was unable to locate a file required for each of the component packages.
    Solution: You must put compiled RX Library runtime packages
        Delphi 3 - DPL files - RXCTL.DPL, RXTOOLS.DPL, RXDB.DPL
        Delphi 4 - BPL files - RXCTL4.BPL, RXDB4.BPL
        C++Builder 3 - BPL files - RXCTL.BPL, RXDB.BPL
    into directory that is accessible through the search PATH (i.e. DOS "PATH" environment variable; for example, in the Windows\System directory).
  2. Problem: Compilation errors installing RX Library components into Delphi component library.
    Solution: Perhaps, there are another units or resource files in your Delphi search path (Library Path) named the same as one of the RX Library unit or resource file. Try to rename one of these modules or not to install some of the concurring third-party components (don't forget to remove it from the search path).
  3. Problem: Compiler displays an error like "Internal Error ????".
    Solution: If there is no other component with a similar name or you already have removed such a component and this error still occurs, try disabling Optimization in the compiler settings.
  4. Problem: Error "RLINK32: OUT OF MEMORY" during installation RX Library under Delphi 2.0.
    Solution: There is minor bug in Delphi 2.0 (not 2.01). If you are getting this error while rebuilding your component library with RX components you should recompile resource sources (*.RC) using BRCC32.EXE from your Delphi BIN directory to produce resource files (*.RES and *.DCR) compatible with your version of Delphi 2.

1997 RxLib authors. Questions, ideas & comments to:
Fedor Koshevnikov, Igor Pavluk, Serge Korolev.

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