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Last revision date January 27, 1999


    The Set of Native Delphi Components for Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder.
    100% Source Code.

Latest Changes

New components: New properties, events: New routines, methods: BUG FIXES.

VerInfo.pas unit has been renamed into RxVerInf.pas.


    RX Library contains a large number of components, objects and routines for Borland Delphi with full source code. This library is compatible with Borland Delphi 1, 2, 3, 4 and Borland C++ Builder 1 & 3.
    This collection includes over 50 native Delphi components.
    RX Library is a freeware product. Feel free to distribute the library as long as all files are unmodified and kept together.
    The authors disclaim all warranties as to this software, whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Use under your own responsibility, but comments (even critique) in English (or in Russian) are welcome.

1. Components:

TRxDBLookupCombo provides an incremental search through lookup list by directly typing into the combo control while the lookup list is displayed, LookupSource can refer to TTable, TQuery, TRxQuery or TQBEQuery. It even incrementally searches on the query results and much more...

TRxDBLookupList is the same as TRxDBLookupCombo (in functionality).

TRxDBComboBox is a TDBComboBox descendant allowing to have different values displayed from that stored in database without using a lookup table. Allows you to display understandable text versions of stored codes in your table.

TRxDBGrid provides you with the ability to change the background color and font displayed within individual cells and entire rows and columns; save and restore columns order and display width in ini-files and system registry; display icons for BLOB, memo, OLE and picture fields; select multiple records; convert columns headings to buttons.

TDBStatusLabel displays the DataSet state (for all datasets) or current record number (for DBase or Paradox tables).

TDateEdit and TDBDateEdit (data-aware version) allows direct typing and has a button to bring up calendar in popup window (combo-box alike) or in a dialog.

TQBEQuery enables Delphi applications to use Paradox-style Query-by-example (QBE) statements to query tables, and perform insert and update queries.

TRxQuery is a TQuery descendant. It supports macros in the SQL text, which are similar to Params. Macros allow to change query text easily and handy.

TSQLScript allows multiple SQL statements in one query.

TRxDBFilter encapsulates BDE ability to filter records locally. The component provides event on filtering and/or conditions in StringList property.

TDBProgress displays BDE operations progress for IDAPI drivers that support callback-functions.

TDBIndexCombo is a visual interface component that provides your end- users with an easy means of changing the current display order of data being retrieved from an indexed table. When the user selects the TDBIndexCombo component, it's drop-down selection list is populated with the DisplayNames of all indexes available for the table it's assigned to.

TBDEItems, TDatabaseItems, TTableItems are lists populated by the corresponding BDE information (database list, table list, field list etc).

TDBSecurity provides most common dialogs for database applications: Login Dialog and Change Password Dialog.

TRxRichEdit is a wrapper for a Windows rich text 2.0 edit control with OLE objects support (Delphi 2.0 or higher).

TRxDBRichEdit - permits the user to display and enter Rich Text Format (RTF) data in a memo or BLOB field (only for Delphi 2.0 or higher).

TAnimatedImage - animation "bitmap by bitmap". Design-time editor allows you to load Windows animation cursors (ani-files) into this component.

TClipboardViewer is a visual control that displays the contents of Clipboard using different formats.

TCurrencyEdit - input of money amounts, and other numbers too.

TRxCalcEdit and TRxDBCalcEdit (data-aware version) take the display and editing of numeric data one step further: they provide a popup calculator to help you calculate the number.

TPicClip represents a bitmap as the logical array of bitmaps and supports access by index.

TFormPlacement allows to save and restore form size, position and window state in/from ini-file or Registry.

TFormStorage allows you to read and write virtually any component published property to an INI file or the system Registry with virtually no code. Works with 3rd party and your own custom controls as well. Don't be stuck with dozens of INI-Aware components, use TFormStorage and let it manage all that for you.

TPageManager is useful when creating multipage dialogs such as "Wizards" (or "Experts").

TColorComboBox is a combo box to pick up color.

TFontComboBox is a combo box to pick up font name.

TRxLabel is a customizable shadowed label.

TTextListBox is TListBox successor with automatic horizontal scrollbar if necessary.

TRxSplitter separates two controls to allow to change their sizes at run-time. Never again create a splitter by hand using panel components. Add splitter support to any application by using the RxSplitter component.

TRxSlider and TRxSwitch are slider and switch controls respectively with the ability to change their looks. TRxSlider provides more features than the Win32 common control, such as custom thumbs.

TRxSpinEdit and TRxSpinButton are spin controls variants.

TSpeedBar with horizontal or vertical orientation that can be placed at the top, bottom, left, right of the form. Customizable in designer and at run-time using drag & drop operation, similar to Delphi speedbar. Allow you use flat and transparent buttons such as standard-style buttons. Button's transparent ability lets graphics show through from under the speedbar.

TComboEdit, TRxDBComboEdit (data-aware version), TFilenameEdit, TDirectoryEdit are the edit boxes with buttons. User can type data into an edit box or can bring up dialog or popup window by clicking a button.

TMemoryTable implements BDE in-memory table as a dataset component (with Delete operation).

TRxMemoryData is a in-memory dataset that mimics the behaviors of a regular Delphi dataset. Unlike TMemoryTable component, TRxMemoryData is BDE independent (only for Delphi 3.0 or higher).

TRxCheckListBox is a list box with built-in check boxes.

TRxSpeedButton provides you more features than the standard TSpeedButton component, such as Transparent, Flat, AllowTimer and GrayedInactive properties and Drop-Down Menu.

TRxTimerList component provides all the functions of the standard TTimer component, plus the additional benefit of using only one Windows timer for up to 32767 timing events. You can customize this component in designer using easy-to-use component editor.

TAppEvents is an Application wrapper component, which makes it easier to work with the TApplication object properties and events at design time.

TRxFolderMonitor component provides notification if any changes matching the filter conditions occur in the specified directory or subtree.

TRxTrayIcon component enables 32-bit applications to add static and animated icons to the Windows system tray.

TConverter, TRxClock, TSecretPanel, TRxDice, TRxCalculator, TStrHolder, TMRUManager, TRxWindowHook, TRxGradientCaption, owner-draw menus and much more.

2. The editors of standard properties with some advanced features.

  • TPicture and TGraphic adds Copy and Paste Buttons, supports Icons in Clipboard, uses open dialog box with preview.
  • THint enables multi-line hint entry.
  • Project Resource Expert for Delphi 3.0 or higher and C++Builder 3.0 or higher allows you to manage your project resource file. This expert can be found as "View | Project Resources" in the Delphi 3 and C++Builder 3 IDE menu and as "Project | Resources" in the Delphi 4 or higher IDE menu.

3. Units that provide functions and objects to work with databases, images, strings, dates, files, INI-files.

4. RX Library help files (in Russian only). Help files in other languages do not exist.

5. A couple of simple demo applications.


  • RX 2.60 (Jan,27,1999). New components TRxMemoryData, TRxRichEdit. Bug fixes for RX 2.50.
  • RxLib 2.50 (Jul,22,1998). New components: TRxFolderMonitor, TRxLookupEdit, TRxGradientCaption, TRxMainMenu, TRxPopupMenu. Delphi 4.0 and C++Builder 3.0 compatibility. Bug fixes.
  • RxLib 2.40 (Feb,11,1998). New components: TRxDBComboEdit, TRxCalcEdit, TRxDBCalcEdit. GIF Image support (including new component TRxGIFAnimator and new demo program). Project Resource Expert for Delphi 3. Bug fixes.
  • RxLib 2.32 (Jul,30,1997). Bug fixes. Full compatibility with all Delphi versions (including Delphi 3 Professional and Developer editions) and Borland C++ Builder 1.0. C++ Builder demo.
  • RxLib 2.31 (May,08,1997). Delphi 3.0 C/S release (build 5.53) compatibility. Bug fixes.
  • RxLib 2.30 (Apr,22,1997). New components: TMRUList, TRxTimerList, TRxWindowHook. Delphi 3 (confidential beta pre-release, build compatibility. Bug fixes.
  • RxLib 2.01 (Feb,12,1997), 2.02 (Mar,10,1997). Bug fixes. New component TRxDBRichEdit. Version 2.02 became available for download on Internet.
  • RxLib 2.00 (Nov,24,1996). New components: TMemoryTable, TRxCheckListBox, TRxDBComboBox, TStrHolder, TAppEvents. Bug fixes.
  • RxLib 1.32 (Nov,11,1996). Delphi 2.0 compatible version. New components: TSQLScript, TPageManager, TRxTrayIcon.
  • RxLib 1.03 (Jan,14,1996). Compiled DCU-files removed from installation package. New components: TFormStorage, TDBSecurity, TRxQuery, TSpeedbar, TRxSpinButton, TRxSpinEdit, TRxCalculator.
  • RxLib 1.02 (Dec,27,1995). Private version.
  • RxLib 1.01 (Dec,04,1995). Bug fixes, new component TRxDBFilter.
  • RxLib 1.00 (Nov 1995). Initial release for Delphi 1.0 available in russian Fido.
  • ExtVCL components collection from Apr,25,1995 and Jul,20,1995.

License Agreement

   Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies and that both the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation, and that the name of RX Library authors not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software without specific, written prior permission. This software is made available "as is", and RX LIBRARY AUTHORS DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH REGARD TO THIS SOFTWARE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND IN NO EVENT SHALL AUTHORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM LOSS OF USE, DATA OR PROFITS, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE) OR STRICT LIABILITY, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OR PERFORMANCE OF THIS SOFTWARE.

Full text of RX Library Software License agreement



    Before installing RX Library components into Delphi, check out RX.INC file located in RX\UNITS subdirectory. This file is included in all RX Library units and contains conditional defines that affects compilation. You can change some of these defines or specify global compiler options there.

Delphi 4.x:

    Uninstall previous installed version of RX Library from Delphi 4 IDE. Remove previously compiled RX packages (if any) RXCTL4.BPL, RXDB4.BPL, DCLRX4.BPL and DCLRXDB4.BPL from your hard disk.

    Use "File\Open..." menu item of Delphi IDE to open RX' runtime package RXCTL4.DPK. In "Package..." window click "Compile" button to compile packages RXCTL4.DPK. After compiling repeat that for other RX Library run-time package RXDB4.DPK. Put compiled BPL files into directory that is accessible through the search PATH (i.e. DOS "PATH" environment variable; for example, in the Windows\System directory). After compiling RX run-time packages you must install RX design-time packages into the IDE.

    Use "File\Open..." menu item to open consistently RX design-time packages DCLRX4.DPK (MUST be first) and DCLRXDB4.DPK. In "Package..." window click "Install" button to register RX Library components on the "RX Controls", "RX DBAware" and "RX Tools" pages.

NOTE: do not save package sources in the Delphi IDE.

Delphi 3.x:

    Remove previously compiled RX packages RXCTL.DPL, RXDB.DPL, RXTOOLS.DPL, DCLRXCTL.DPL, DCLRXDB.DPL and DCLRXTLS.DPL from your hard disk.

    Use "File\Open..." menu item of Delphi IDE to open consistently RX run-time packages RXCTL.DPK (MUST be first), RXDB.DPK and RXTOOLS.DPK. In "Package.." window click "Compile" button to compile RX Library run-time packages. Put compiled DPL files into directory that is accessible through the search PATH (for example, in the Windows\System directory). After compiling RX run-time packages you must install RX design-time packages into the IDE.

    Use "File\Open..." menu item to open consistently RX design-time packages DCLRXCTL.DPK (MUST be first), DCLRXDB.DPK and DCLRXTLS.DPK. In "Package.." window click "Install" button to register RX Library components on the "RX Controls", "RX DBAware" and "RX Tools" pages accordingly.

NOTE: do not save package sources in the Delphi IDE.

C++Builder 3.x:

    Uninstall previous installed version of RX Library from C++Builder IDE. Remove previously compiled RX packages (if any) RXCTL.BPL, RXDB.BPL, DCLRXCTL.BPL and DCLRXDB.BPL from your hard disk.

    Be sure that linker option "Use dynamic RTL" is unchecked. Use "File\Open..." menu item of C++Builder IDE to open RX' runtime package RXCTL.BPK. Then use "Project\Make..." or "Project\Build..." menu item to compile package RXCTL.BPK. After compiling repeat that consistently for each of the other RX Library packages (.BPK files) RXDB.BPK, DCLRXCTL.BPK and DCLRXDB.BPK (be sure to keep the sequence mentioned). For runtime packages (RXCTL and RXDB) put compiled BPL files into directory that is accessible through the search PATH (DOS envirounment variable, not IDE search path; for example, in the Windows\System directory). After compiling RX packages you must install RX design-time packages into the C++Builder IDE.

    Use "Component\Install packages..." menu item to open "Packages" dialog box. Then click "Add..." button and locate DCLRXCTL.BPL from the RX\UNITS directory and click "OK" to install package into IDE. After installing DCLRXCTL package install DCLRXDB.BPL package as above.

NOTE: do not save package sources in the C++Builder IDE.

Delphi 2.x and C++ Builder 1.x:

    Use the "Install..." item on Delphi's "Component" menu to add the RxCtlReg.PAS, RxDBReg.PAS and RxTooReg.PAS units to the component library. These units registers all RX Library components on the "RX Controls", "RX DBAware" and "RX Tools" pages accordingly.

Delphi 1.x:

    Use the "Install Components..." item on Delphi's Options menu to add the RxCtlReg.PAS, RxDBReg.PAS and RxTooReg.PAS units to the component library. These units registers all RX Library components on the "RX Controls", "RX DBAware" and "RX Tools" pages accordingly.

Help files:

    The help files (in Russian only) are distributed in separate installation packages for each version of Delphi and C++Builder.

    To install the help and keyword file into Delphi 1.0 and 2.0, follow these steps:

  • Click on the HelpInst icon in the Delphi group in the Program Manager.
  • Select File|Open from the menu. Change directories so you are in the \Delphi\Bin directory, and select the Delphi.hdx file. Click the OK button.
  • Select Keywords|Add Keyword File from the menu. Change directories so you are in the directory where you stored the help files of the RX. Select the RX.KWF (in Delphi 1.0) or RX32.KWF (in Delphi 2.0) file, and click the OK button.
  • Select File|Save from the menu. This will recompile the Delphi.hdx file. You can then close the Helpinst program. You will now be able to jump to the help file for the RX Library by selecting the appropriate property and hitting 'F1.'
  • Help file now available is only in Russian. This help requires Arial Cyr and Courier New Cyr fonts (Windows code page 1251).

C++ Builder Compatibility

    This version of RX Library is compatible with Borland C++ Builder 1.0 & 3.0, and tested in the Professional edition only.
    RX Library is not tested properly with Borland C++ Builder. Use at your own risk.

Demonstration Programs

    Demonstration programs included in RX Library use tables from DELPHI\DEMOS\DATA directory and BDE alias "DBDEMOS".

Source Files

    All sources (100%) of RX Library are available in RX\UNITS directory. All language specific string constants used in RX Library are collected in resource files. There are sources for string resource files in English and Russian. The rest resource files containing bitmap images and icons for component palette are also included as compiled resources (*.R16, *.R32) and as *.RC-files. Resource files sources are available in RX\RESOURCE directory. So, you can use any resource compiler (i.e. BRC.EXE or BRC32.EXE) to create *.RES (*.R16 & *.R32) and *.DCR (*.D16 & *.D32) files.

Using GIF Images

    To use GIF images in an your application at runtime, include the RXGIF unit in your unit's "uses" clause.

    If you are using another GIF image support library (like ImageLib), deactivate the conditional define USE_RX_GIF in RX\UNITS\RX.INC file and rebuild your component library.

    WARNING: You will need an LZW patent license from Unisys in order to provide end-user GIF support legally in any commercial or shareware application. It is provided as a development tool only.

Copyright Notes

  • Most of the modules in our library are written by us. We have to make a note of units based on sources of other authors.
  • Unit RXLOOKUP is based on original Delphi VCL units DBLOOKUP, DBCTRLS.
  • Unit STRUTILS is based on a unit of string-handling routines AGSLIB by Alexey Lukin.
  • Unit DBEXCPT is based on a unit DBEXCEPT.PAS from Borland Delphi.
  • Procedures to read and write GIF files, GIF-decoding and encoding based on freeware C source code of GBM package by Andy Key (nyangau@interalpha.co.uk).
  • Some components in a unit DBLISTS are based on DELPHI\DEMOS\DB\TOOLS\BDETABLE unit from Delphi 1.0 Demos.
  • Unit PICTEDIT contains advanced property editor based on unit PICEDIT.PAS from VCL, unit QBNDDLG is a modified unit QBINDDLG.PAS from VCL, unit IMAGPRVW.PAS is a modified unit IMAGEWIN.PAS from Borland Delphi 1.0 C/S Demos DELPHI\DEMOS\IMAGVIEW.

    Authors: Fedor Koshevnikov, Igor Pavluk, Serge Korolev.

    Software development department.
    Master-Bank. Moscow, Russia.